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With The Ultimate Bundle

Stop spending so much on advertising that isn’t going anywhere; market to where and when your business needs it most.

Grow your business! Mobilize your business on our mobile platform and increase repeat customers and overall sales. Grow your loyalty base with our consumer driving features, and engage with your customers like never before.

We provide solutions that help your business grow and profit


Why Mobile?

60 Minutes

Over 50% of mobile consumers purchase an offer or deal within about 1 hour of seeing it.

5 Miles

Most daily consumer purchases happen within 5 miles of the consumer’s residence or work.

Place your business in the

palm of your customer’s hand

  • Pictures
  • In-store Game
  • Follower Count
  • Company Name
  • Company Events
  • About your Business
  • Business hours and mapping
  • Mobile Platform integrates to Facebook
  • Share buttons-Facebook, Twitter, Text and Email
  • Link to your Promotions, Specials and Flash Deals

Our Platform is both Mobile & Web Based


 ROI results at your fingertips

See everything that’s taking place at your business – in real time

  • UNLIMITED impressions, clicks and Followers
  • Premier in-store engagement (Spin2Win Game)
  • On-demand, geo-targeted deals, promotions & events
  • Loyalty program – keep customers coming back
  • Instantly change offers to increase traffic
  • Direct access to groups, schools, employers & fundraisers
  • Real time reports and weekly ROI summaries

In-store game drives customers to your location

Advantages of running a Spin2Win game

  • You set the odds
  • Increases your sales
  • People love to be winners
  • Drives an up selling opportunity
  • Get your company on the home page of the app

FREE Auto-email campaign to highlight your deals and events to nearby consumers!

Merchant Incentive Program

Get 50 followers in 60 days and get up to $500 cashback!
  • Merchant is required to bring 50 followers for their business on the mobile platform within 60 days (Note: Followers are new mobile users brought in from Marketing Material, merchant emails lists, Facebook, text programs etc.)
  • Merchant must accept off­ers, and promote the Marketing Materials in their business.
  • Merchant will be paid within 7 business days of meeting requirements.
  • Payment amount will be based on the selected Mobile Platform Package.


Custom Graphics for Business

Over $500 of custom graphics for FREE!
Business Marketing Bundle Includes:
  • Digital Graphics for your Social Media Sites
  • Custom key text word
  • 1000 Business Card
  • Table Tents (Includes graphic and plastic holders)
  • 8 x 11 graphics to display at register and store front
  • and more….





Step 1    

Customers can sign up in seconds

3 easy ways:

  • Input customers mobile phone number during the payment process into credit card terminal.
  • Through complementary TEXT Code, promoted by custom graphics we provide
  • Through Link we provide for you to post on your email, web and social media



Step 2     

Your client simply clicks the link and joins.

  • Customers receives a text with your brand and your logo to join your mobile platform program.
  • This mobile platform is not a texting program but uses one text to onboard new user onto app, after this step is completed no further text will ever be sent.



Step 3     

You’re ready, that’s it!


  • Followers can now be engaged with email and notifications for exclusive deals, events, on location games, and so much more.


Until today there has been no way for employers, associations, schools and social groups to connect businesses, members, and the community together. dealsnapt Groups offers an easy way to connect them all together.


“The return on investment is phenomenal. This type of marketing is new to us, we’ve seen great results and are continuing to build on it. It’s been an amazing partnership. As soon as we signed up we immediately started getting phone calls from customers. We’ve found its a great way to place any kind of deal, anytime we want”.

Bill M

BMR Napa Autocare, Roseville CA

“Advertising is expensive. What we’ve found is this mobile platform is considerately less expensive. You get your message out to a multitude of different people. We wanted to reach all ages because we have players young and old. We seem to be reaching everybody with the app, which is nice”.


Vaca Valley Bingo, Vacaville CA

“The Spin2Win game keeps people coming back with the chance to win great prize at all the destinations. We tune our marketing on the platform to keep traffic flowing consistently throughout the complex. Our ROI is off the charts at a 12 times return, and we are just getting started”.


Carson Lanes, Carson City NV

Your business engaged, your business connected.

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